Tennis Service Representatives:

Jim Amick - Ohio (Southern)
Amy Beaverson - Ohio (Northwestern)
Rebecca Hancart -Ohio (Northeastern)
Keara Miller - Illinois (North Chicago)/Wisconsin (South)
Sarah Stanchin - Illinois (South Chicago)/Indiana (Northern)
Bret Schrama - Illinois (outside of Chicago)
Sydney Whitfield - Michigan (Western)
Susan Courtright - Michigan (Northeastern/Southeastern)

Tyson Thompson
Midwest Youth Team Tennis Coordinator

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The mission of the USTA/Midwest Section is to “promote, develop and service the game of tennis“, focusing on the establishment of competitive, developmental, educational and recreational programs for individuals of all ages and skill levels without regard to race, creed, color or national origin. The USTA/Midwest Section also promotes health, character, fair play, sportsmanship and social responsibility through tennis.

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